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Powering Tomorrow's Transactions

The world is changing at a pace no human has ever seen before. Our tools empower people to become more connected to the changing world around them.

Tailored Customer Experience
Prepaid & Stored Value

Launching new payment products is hard. SPAN does all the heavy lifting for you and provides the tools to help your company and brand grow.

Getting to Global
Remittance & the Cross-Border Opportunity

People across the globe are looking for innovate technology solutions to help them transact in the modern world. SPAN provides forward thinking brands the opportunity to offer these solutions.

Who We Are

Driven by Technology

The Tern platform, SPAN, enables companies to launch prepaid and stored value programs quickly and provides the tools necessary to scale. SPAN can accommodate domestic and international programs and utilizes a network of banking and technology providers across the globe. Our priority is helping you exceed customer expectations while bringing added value to your business and brand.



  • Young adults seeking fresh alternative options to traditional banking products and services
  • Migrants looking for better options to save and send money home
  • Wealthy individuals and the rising middle class in developing countries seeking exclusive content and goods from overseas
  • Risk averse global travelers and students desiring tech-forward flexible payment options



  • Prepaid or debit products tailored to specific use cases domestic and cross-border
  • Remittance solutions tied to stored value and prepaid products
  • Loyalty, rewards, incentive, and gift programs aimed at increasing brand loyalty
  • Stored value solutions targeting specific consumer use cases



  • Technology to help local brands and service providers launch innovative stored value and prepaid products
  • An off-the-shelf branded consumer facing portal and mobile app to increase brand loyalty and stickiness
  • Tools promoting best practices in fraud management, identity verification, and anti-money laundering (AML)
The Value of a Global Platform

The Challenge to Scale

There are more mobile phones in the world than people, and each one has the ability to transact both physically and digitally. World travel and human migration is becoming more commonplace and people need the ability to conduct commerce and move money across borders now more than ever. Traditional banking systems are being marginalized by new technology and innovation. With all this change comes opportunity.

The Tern Platform


SPAN is a comprehensive API-driven platform providing a turnkey solution for leading brands to launch innovative payment solutions.

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The Tern Platform


The best of both worlds; veteran experience and modern technology. SPAN was built from the ground up on the latest API-driven web service technologies. SPAN's roots and core functionality, however, have been fine-tuned over the years by the same team that managed the only truly global prepaid program, US Unlocked.

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The Tern Platform

What Can Span Do?

By offering a branded, multi-currency, multi-language end-customer experience, SPAN can fill the gap where most providers fall behind. This is paired with innovate tools developed from years of best practices in managing global programs and a global remittance network.

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Tools for Strategic Growth Through Innovation


The SPAN platform can be deployed to address a variety of use cases. Any company looking to quickly launch, monitor, and grow a secure prepaid or stored value platform is an ideal candidate. Through our technology and global banking network, Tern is a strategic partner to both existing brands and new innovators looking for modern forward thinking solutions.

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