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To empower brands to launch best-in-class payment and banking solutions to their customer base. Our drive is to simplify compliance and regulatory issues in launching value-add products worldwide.


The Arctic Tern has the longest migration cycle of any animal on the planet, is the most distributed species, and travels for up to three years at a time without nesting. The Tern is an icon for our changing world; from land lines to mobile and local to global.

  • 2008

    US Unlocked Founded as Global Shipping & Virtual Card Issuer

  • 2015

    US Unlocked Acquired by Tern

  • 2016

    Tern Re-brands US Unlocked & Develops SPAN Platform

  • 2017

    SPAN Goes Live as the 1st Global Prepaid Platform

In the Media

Posted on 5 June 2018 by Luany Viera

Mobile operators can add value with prepaid

Approximately 2 billion adults in developing countries have mobile phones but lack access to formal financial services. This captive customer […]

Posted on 23 January 2018 by Brion Bonkowski

Tern Commerce for Prepaid Cards

The Nilson Report Fearing fraud, some U.S. ecommerce sites will not accept payments from cards issued outside the U.S. For […]

Posted on 25 December 2017 by Brion Bonkowski

Secure, Brandable, Global Prepaid Platform

The Green Sheet New York-based Tern Commerce launched SPAN, a global remittance platform designed for secure, prepaid and stored-value deployments […]

Behind the Scene

Our Team

Lead by a group of global payments, prepaid, cross-border, and FinTech industry leaders, Tern is on a mission to allow every person on the planet a means of transacting locally and the ability to move money anywhere in the world effortlessly and cost effectively.

  • Brion Bonkowski

    I'm the CEO

  • Linda Hemerik

    I'm the COO

  • Joost van Schijndel

    I'm the CFO

  • Zachary Smith

    I'm the Technology Advisor

With Us

Our Partners

We are a partner driven company. The SPAN platform serves as a hub to a growing list of strategic partners covering payments, banking, shipping, technology, and identity verification.

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