The SPAN platform can be deployed to address a variety of use cases. Any company looking to quickly launch, monitor, and grow a secure prepaid or stored value platform is an ideal candidate. Through our technology and global banking network, Tern is a strategic partner to both existing brands and new innovators looking for modern forward thinking solutions.

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Prepaid Programs and Program Managers

Tern can be integrated into existing prepaid programs to immediately add value, decrease overhead, and lower technology costs. If a program is just getting started, launching with SPAN will dramatically decrease time to market and provide the necessary tools to grow the program in an ever-changing regulatory environment. SPAN can be used for the following prepaid program types:

  • Consumer
  • Commercial
  • Gift
  • Loyalty
  • Rewards
  • Incentive
  • Physical Cards
  • Virtual Cards
  • Open Loop
  • Closed or Semi-Open Loop

Whether you are an existing program manager or have an idea for a new program to launch, reach out to one of our solution specialists and schedule a demo to see if SPAN can help you grow your business faster and more effectively.



Global Branded Remittance Programs

Traditional Money Transfer Operators (MTOs) like Western Union and MoneyGram are expensive, inconvenient, and are seeing increased completion leaving the market open for innovative newcomers.

An opportunity exists for local brands, telecom, and other service providers to launch cost-effective solutions to meet this growing need by offering cross-border prepaid programs with remittance capabilities. SPAN is a turnkey solution for innovators who want to offer solutions for their customers. This capability is enabled through:

  • Global banking and issuing partners
  • Remittance solutions for banked and un(der)-banked individuals
  • Cash load/collection and unload/settlement
  • Money transfer, package forwarding, and bill payment




White Label Cross-Border eCommerce Solutions

After successfully growing the only end-to-end virtual card specifically designed for cross-border shopping, US Unlocked, the Tern team is now making the core functions of the program available to partners as a white label. Many analysts call this “suitcase retail” as it decreases the need to travel to these western countries to buy goods to bring home.

The following is an overview of the core functions of SPAN’s Cross-Border offering:

  • Network of certified global freight forwarders
  • Integrated global load networks
  • Address verification service (AVS) validation for non-US citizens
  • Fraud monitoring and alerts
  • Anti Money Laundering (AML) tools and controls
  • FX Services
  • Marketing Support

The SPAN¬† platform allows shipping companies, wallet and kiosk providers, and any other party in the cross-border eCommerce supply chain to launch a branded virtual prepaid program. These virtual card programs increase brand equity and awareness and serve to increase the “stickiness” of our partner’s services.


Stored Value & Closed Loop Programs

SPAN was built from the ground up to address the growing needs of businesses and governments looking to launch their own stored value or “closed loop” programs. These programs address a number of different use cases, but they all have common characteristics which are addressed by the SPAN platform:

  • On-Boarding & Validating New Users
  • Portal Access for Users to Access Account Details & Statements (web and mobile)
  • Closed Loop Transaction Management (API or Mobile POS)
  • Agent & Affiliate Management
  • Program Dashboard and Analytics
  • Fraud Control & Monitoring

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