SPAN is a comprehensive API-driven platform providing a turnkey solution for leading brands to launch innovative payment solutions.

The Dilemma

Many companies across the globe are interested in offering prepaid cards and other banking services to their customers but lack the know-how and technology to launch and build the programs. At the same time, many card program managers offer solutions tailored to these companies yet do not have the systems in place to manage their portfolios and sales efficiently. This often results in a failure to launch programs, which is not only unfortunate for the companies looking to launch programs, but also has repercussions for the program managers and their issuing bank(s). Any predictions of future revenue from new programs are rendered useless without the proper technology in place.

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The Solution

SPAN solves the common dilemma by providing a ready-to-deploy platform that supports a wide range of program management needs. Program managers rely on SPAN’s technology to speed their time to market and allow them to focus on offering their customers the best in card management services. Brands looking to launch their own payment products rely on SPAN and the Tern team to design, launch and grow their products increasing brand awareness and increasing customer value.

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The best of both worlds; veteran experience and modern technology. SPAN was built from the ground up on the latest API-driven web service technologies. SPAN's roots and core functionality, however, have been fine-tuned over the years by the same team that managed the only truly global prepaid program, US Unlocked.

  • 01.

    SPAN takes care of all the regulatory, risk monitoring, fraud management, and anti-money laundering (AML) considerations. Our goal is to allow our partners to concentrate on what they do best, marketing and adding new customers.

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    Go-to-market time is reduced by leveraging a ready-to-deploy platform that includes all the features and value-added services partners might need to on-board and service their customers both online and via native mobile apps.

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    Partners can leverage the SPAN technology platform to help in the distribution of cards using in-house built affiliate management, multi-tiered agent control, and sophisticated couponing engine.

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    Go global, but think local. SPAN can be deployed in multiple languages and supports over 20 currencies for card to card transfers and global remittance.

What Can Span Do?

By offering a branded, multi-currency, multi-language end-customer experience, SPAN can fill the gap where most providers fall behind. This is paired with innovate tools developed from years of best practices in managing global programs and a global remittance network.

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